ChiShine FaceGo series face scanner, whose acquisition process only need 0.1 seconds and accuracy up to 0.5 mm, has the features of fast, portable, high-precision, high-resolution texture, etc., can support different measurement range, different scanning methods, different light conditions under the fast HD face 3D scanning and modeling. It can achieve high-speed automatic scanning, no signs of stitching, original technology and master crafts, leading the global face 3D scanning modeling technology trends. We also provide the Windows environment SDK which support probe control and point cloud data acquisition


Ultrafast Scan, taking only 0.1s a shot;

Over 3 million points in a model

16 Megapixel high-resolution color textures

Fully automatic and unmarked registration for 3D models and textures

Portable size and desktop design (700(L)x350(W)x70(D) mm3 and 3 kg)

Provide the Windows environment SDK, support probe control and point cloud data acquisition

Product Item FaceGo180G
Accuracy ≥0.1mm
Maximum scan volume 180°(left ear to right ear)
Time 0.1sec
Points ≥1million
Alignment Method Automatic
Resolution 2-16megapixels
Light source Wight light,infared light
Color texture output Yes
Weight 3KG
AC Input 220V
Scaner dimensions 700×350×70mm³
Output Format STL,OBJ,PLY
3D print support Yes