Reverse Engineering

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Reverse engineering based on the modern design theory, methods, measurement technology uses professional engineering design experience, knowledge and innovative thinking to thanslate the existing product model or physical model into engineering model and conceptual model and realize re-design and re-creation on the basis of anatomical deepening,which is the design based on the design. using reverse design as an important means of in the product development, product development cycle can be reduced by more than 40%. Three-dimensional digital object is the first step in reverse design, digital model results directly affect the quality of the final reconstruction of the surface quality of the merits.

Our series of robot 3D vision scanner, widely used in fully automatic industrial three-dimensional reverse, can provide users with timely, high-precision 3D digital model, while the company developed professional design software, reverse design more automated, more efficient to help complete the reverse design faster.

In addition to the reverse design of industrial products, the knowledge of our reverse engineering solutions are also used in industrial manufacturing, cultural and creative, bio-medical and other industries.

The reverse engineering solution can detect, analyze and revise the 3D model of the reconstruction, and then generate 3D solid model, such as mold design, 3D printing or NC machining, which can reduce the product development cost, shorten the product development cycle and guarantee reverse design of high quality finish.