On-line Three-dimensional Line Detection

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The use of on-line detection technology in the manufacturing industry is of great importance for controlling quality and improving efficiency. Today`s advanced manufacturing industry have higher requirements for the accuracy of the products, such as manufacturing processing, assembly quality largely depends on the shape accuracy, position accuracy control, while the product design is more complex, the user`s require of the surface parts’s accuracy of the surface is more and more high, and the shape of the surface parts is complex, test with the traditional gage is difficult, and the detection accuracy is not high, especially in the surface dimension measurement can not meet the real requirements for time and operational difficulty, so how to achieve Product on-line testing has become a problem to be solved for a public enterprise. At the same time, the modern manufacturing industry using a wide range of materials, commonly used in some soft, easy to deformation of the material ,for which contact measurement and testing methods can not operate, and an alternative detection program to be needed.

The traditional testing equipment is expensive, the testing takes a long time and the testing process is complicated. At present, the detection of some parts has risen from two-dimensional inspection to three-dimensional inspection. Paragraph three-dimensional testing equipment needs.

Our RSight series of robot 3D scanner has been applied to the field of on-line three-dimensional detection, effectively solve this problem.

Our production line three-dimensional line detection technology solution provides a three-dimensional robot scanner with self-developed photogrammetric system which can be applied to almost any size and scanning precision industrial components. The solution minimizes errors and saves time: reducing human error and dramatically increasing productivity. At the same time, the knowledge of the photoelectric independent research and development of professional testing software to effectively plan and lock all the steps and parameters in the detection of multiple components with the same single component detection as simple, repeat the operation without the user, the software will automatically repeat the entire test Program, the three-dimensional detection of our detection program to ensure accurate three-dimensional detection results and to ac