Cultural Relics Deduciton Protection

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method of document protection. Scanning of cultural relics can be a three-dimensional data files, for the protection of cultural relics to establish a true three-dimensional digital model, the most realistic record of cultural relics for future research, heritage identification, cultural relics testing, cultural relics repair work to provide the most comprehensive information. We using three-dimensional scanning technology, it will not be on the cultural relics and archaeological sites have any impact.

Cultural relics reproduction

Commonly used cultural reproduction is usually used plaster mold method, but as the high value and unique style of treasures do not allow direct overturned gypsum. We apply automatic robot 3D scanner acquisitionCultural relics and remains are the carrier of the history of the Chinese nation and microcosm of five thousand years of brilliant culture, and important national treasure and research information. How to protect, repair, rebuild, study and disseminate historical relics is a realistic problem for all cultural workers. Knowledge and photoelectric protection program in the cultural heritage of the formation of a mature system, including:

Create a 3D digital archive of artifacts

Chishine 3D use our developed of robotic scanners on the artifacts of the bulk scanning and modeling, and the establishment of its three-dimensional digital files. This technology is now the most accurate, most efficient and generation of three-dimensional model of cultural relics, and use 3D printing technology for cultural relics reproduction, which will not affect the appearance of cultural relics, but also accurate and rapid relics of cultural reproduction.

Cultural relics

After the staff modeling and repair, it can be restored to the most authentic artifacts, and can use the curvature, equidistance and other instructions on the damaged artifacts have been stitching restoration and simulation repair. We can eliminate the need for repeated comparison of the repair process steps, to avoid secondary damage to cultural relics, and also can found vulnerable parts according to the data, to help develop a protection program to facilitate future protection.

Derivatives design and manufacturing

Chishine 3D can also be in the cultural relics on the basis of three-dimensional data to zoom in or out, or even modify and re-design, will not cause damage to cultural relics at the same time the design and manufacture of derivatives, can be re-innovation production, become the goods in the window.

Virtual display of cultural relics

Chishine 3D can also use three-dimensional scanning technology to carry out omnidirectional scanning of cultural relics to get the most realistic three-dimensional data, and cooperation with relevant parties to build a network of virtual museums for the visitors to restore a true three-dimensional scene, more vivid, more attractive, more curious, but also allows visitors to see a lot of collection of different places.