Robot 3D Visual Guidance

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With the development of computer science and automatic control technology, more and more kinds of intelligent robots appear in the production and life. As an important subsystem of the intelligent robot system, the vision system has been paid more and more attention.

With the development of machine vision, the future of the emergence of a large number of new industry applications, in particular, will be a lot of industrial production involved in 3D vision. The robot`s three-dimensional vision is to make the robot has a visual perception of the system and is an important part of the robot system. Robot vision sensor can obtain three-dimensional images by visual environment and visual analysis and interpretation by the processor, and then be converted to a symbol, so that the robot can recognize objects and determine their location.

To make robots more capable of performing more complex tasks, robots must not only have better control systems, but also need to be more aware of changes in the environment. Robot 3D vision with its large amount of information, information integrity becomes the most important robot perception function.

Chishine 3D can provide intelligent 3D visual guidance solutions for robotic applications such as automated assembly, material handling, and other complex machining applications.

The program can quickly and accurately find the part to be measured and confirm its position for the upper and lower material using machine vision to locate and guide the robot to accurately capture. It can also be used to detect the appearance of the product for the production line and detect high-precision products and process, analysis and understand image to identify targets and objects in a variety of different modes. Data can be traced back and collected. The three-dimensional vision guidance program core software that is good at robot 3D visual guidance,and cover a wider range of robot applications, so that the program has become the industry`s advanced visual guidance program.