Xi’an Chishine Optoelectronics Technology are Invi

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Conference and Exhibition

This conference and its parallel exhibition aim to fulfill the demand for an international event focused on 3D human body scanning technologies, 3D human body measurement methods and applications. This event is the world leading technical platform dedicated to these specific fields.

In the last two decades, 3D scanning technologies developed in other industrial sectors were successfully applied to the measurement and scanning of the human body. Methods and techniques are continuously ameliorated, more efficient and performing scanning systems are produced every year and new software tools are developed unceasingly.

The international conference and exhibition on 3D body scanning technologies serves as a platform for the information on the latest developments and interesting applications in various sectors, as well as, for building relationships and exchanging ideas between manufacturers, users, developers and researchers from around the world.

The following companies and organizations are participanting at the technical exhibition of the conference and/or sponsoring the conference: Size Stream (USA), Styku (USA), Canfield Scientific (USA / The Netherlands), ViALUX (Germany), Human Solutions (Germany), VITRONIC (Germany), 3dMD (USA/UK), Xi'an Chishine Optoelectronics Technology (China), botspot (Germany), Elasizer (Russia), 3D Elements (Austria), ShareMy3D (Norway), Anatomi Metrix (Canada), TechMed 3D (Canada), The IEEE-SA (USA), Shape Analysis (UK), Palo Alto (Switzerland), etc.

Chishine Opto. Attend This Event

As the only exhibitor in Asia, Xi'an Chishine Optoelectronics Technology participated in the academic conference and exhibition. The representative of our company made an academic report in the academic conference and brought our 3D face scanner to join the exhibition. Our 3D face scanner attracts great concern by a large number of European and American customers and colleagues, including distributors, system integrators and end users from Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France, the United States, Canada, Russia, Spain and other countries. Through our conference report and face to face communication, they learned about our new products and technologies. They praised our photographic products, realistic lifelike scanning effect and excellent portability, also expressed a strong interest in cooperation.

Among them, the US real game developers reached a purchase intent with us, our two sides will strengthen cooperation in 2017 and reach more purchase orders. A German dentist chain has entered the cooperation after learning the medical application of our products. A Ph.D. engineers of French Decathlon R & D center hope to develop a head scanning system together with us. There are also many other customers from all over the country to ask the price, software features, and make recommendations.

Participating in academic conferences and exhibitions, the company's employees exchange their thoughts with international counterparts, and we further see the company's strengths and weaknesses. We have been par with foreign counterparts in the core technology and product technology, and even in some areas with leading edge. This event further strengthened the awareness and confidence of participating in international competition, by virtue of domestic talent and manufacturing great advantage and unremitting efforts of the team, we will occupy the international market position and show our competitive advantage.