China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIO

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As the world's largest exhibition and conference, it focused on photo-electric products and applications. CIOE not only gathers more than 3,000 exhibitors from enterprises, research institutes, educational institutions, developers, integrators, hardware and software vendors, and also display the field of optoelectronics from the material to the device, to the system so that the photoelectric environment to create a full range of products. Optoelectronics, out of reach, CIOE has made it within reach; optoelectronic, it is difficult to elaborate, CIOE has made it into life.

Thousands of visitors from all around the world arrived in Shenzhen, gathered in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, not only to observe the recent successful launch of the world's first quantum scientific experimental satellite "Mozi" model, experience the world's top laser technology to create 360 degrees dome theater, but also through the unmanned aerial vehicles, artificial intelligence, automatic driving, intelligent robots, intelligent medical and other optoelectronic technology and the perfect combination of public life high-tech equipment, close to feel the optical technology to change the daily life of the magic of science and technology - (CIOE2016), on September 6th in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center opening and welcoming you.

Xi'an Chishine Optoelectronics Technology carried the ScanKing desktop 3D scanner, face 3D scanner, Accurscanner FM-flatness measuring instrument, and foot 3D scanner to participate in the exhibition.

During the exhibition, we showed our audience the performance and parameters of these four products, and the use of detailed steps to attract the curiosity and interest of many customers. Visitors from Beijing are also praising our face 3D scanners, and we two sides actively seek cooperation.

In addition, the Shenzhen TV also interviewed our staff, our general manager Mr. Zhou also answered in detail about the product target market and related industries and other areas of the problem.

The exhibition has greatly improved our company's external image and increased product exposure in Shenzhen's technology-intensive areas, strengthened the company's influence in the industry.