Xi’an Chishine Optoelectronics Technology particip

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In order to promote Xi'an outstanding entrepreneurial projects and create a good atmosphere for the whole society to support participation in entrepreneurship, and further promote the " Volkswagen entrepreneurial innovation ", the city government decided to focus on showing the city's entrepreneurial projects in recent years as the theme of "business Xi'an, Xi'an entrepreneurship" before graduates leaving school, to stimulate the focus of college students as the focus of the majority of entrepreneurs entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

The activities are divided into two stages: tour and exhibition. During the tour stage, excellent exhibitions will be carried out in the whole city by display boards and posters. The exhibition will focus on demonstrating and promoting outstanding entrepreneurship projects and business platform for a period of 3 days.

During June 24th to June 26th, in Xi'an Qujiang Convention and Exhibition Center, Xi'an Chishine Optoelectronics Technology carry ScanKing desktop 3D scanner, Styku human 3D scanner, FaceGo series FS face scanner to participate in the Xi'an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project Expo and the Xi'an International Makers Festival.

At the stage of concentrated display, the Company was the top three teams in the competition. In the special booths, the project leaders shared the business experience for the exhibitors and the guests. Among them, the three photoelectric products: ScanKing Desktop 3D Scanner, Styku Human Body 3D Scanner and FaceGo Series FS Face Scanner have received enthusiastic attention and praise. Many attendees have also experienced use and the operation process of the human body scanner and face scanner, and expressed a high degree of curiosity about its application areas. Chishine Optoelectronics Technology’s staff assist the visitors to do the operation in the side of machine and explain everything, so that both exhibitors and visitors have harvest.