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During May 17th to 20th, the 8th China International Exhibition on Police Equipment held at the Beijing National Convention Center. We bring our company developed 3D face scanner, and cooperate with a Beijing company to participate this exhibition as the theme of "video detection, video evidence and video information solutions provider", and the purpose of "from the actual combat, for combat, higher than the actual combat". During the exhibition, the staff through the real case of image processing focus on display detection products solutions comprehensive strength, and demonstrated the video detection studio and video detection integrated application platform, in order to improve the technical level of the industry, "science and technology" substantive contribution.

Our 3D face scanner can effectively assist the police to carry out 3D face recognition on suspected suspects and compare the digital models of face recognition with those in the crime scene video so as to accurately determine the criminals, to provide a new solution for video criminal investigation.

Our 3D face scanner adopts white light rapid projection technology to carry out ultra-fast scanning of the human body multi-angle within 0.1s. After the system is automatically stitched, the 3D data of human body with color texture can be obtained. The precision of 3D data is 0.5mm, and the photo has color real texture.

During the exhibition, our company cooperated with a Beijing company to display professional video surveillance products for the public security system, including video integrated application platform, video reconnaissance system, video retrieval analysis system and portrait analysis system, etc. It has become a landmark brand of the public security industry.

China International Exhibition on Police Equipment is the only international police equipment exhibition sponsored by the Ministry of Public Security. We will actively use the comprehensive display platform built by the CIEPE, participate in forum activities, broaden the horizon of science and technology, promote technological innovation and product upgrading. We will take social responsibility to maintain social security and track criminal behavior.