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From May 27th to 31st, 2016, Zhongguancun International Innovation Week was held in Zhizao Street, Zhongguancun, Beijing, which brought a hard feast to the public through roadshows, forums, interactive presentations and other forms. As an important section of the International Innovation Week, Future Science and Technology Exhibition mainly display intelligent manufacturing new technologies and new products, related products, the core technology are in the domestic frontier field and the leading domestic level.

In October last year, Zhongguancun innovation and entrepreneurship season in the Zhongguancun business avenue opened for several weeks of innovation and entrepreneurship activities so that the majority of entrepreneurs, investors, the general public and other sectors of the community fully appreciate the infinite charm of technological innovation and entrepreneurship. As a new period of important activities of Zhongguancun innovation and entrepreneurship season, it create the Zhongguancun Zhicheng Street as an opportunity, through roadshows, forums, interactive presentations and other rich forms for the public to bring a hard feast of science and technology.

Zhongguancun International Innovation Week activities include three major blocks: First, the first activities, including smart hardware ecological display, international cooperation, cutting-edge technology roadshow and the opening of the four weeks of innovation and other aspects of the second exhibition, the main show of intelligence manufacturing related new technologies and new products, including 40 new technologies and new products in three major sections, the way to experience the exhibition of immersive experience in the streets of Chi-made a week of concentrated display. Related products are the core technology in the domestic frontier areas and the leading domestic level. The future science and technology exhibition mainly displays the intelligent manufacturing related new technology and new product, divides into the future life, the future industry, walks experience 3 big block, take the innovation, demonstration, interaction as the standard, optimizes the VR virtual reality, AR enhances reality, metamorphosis robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, intelligent driving, gesture recognition, magic mirror and so on more than 40 technology products. Each product highlights the interesting, interactive and participation, such as manned armor walking in the street, wearable equipment, direct trial, virtual reality, direct experience, etc.; Third, around the Zhongguancun Zhizao theme, organized "international view of face to face" "Agile manufacturing zero to one", "collaborative services hand in hand", "core technology quickly refresh" and other activities, the entire series of activities for 5 days, a total of 9 games.

Our settled product is ScanKing desktop 3d scanner, which is characterized by multiple sets of camera design, compatible with non-measurement range, size, and can be described as "a machine sweep the world." The product can make 100mmX100mm-600mmX600mm objects for 3D scanning and 360° automatic splicing, its three-dimensional data accuracy up to 0.05mm. The scanning process is safe and friendly. With white light source, it makes the human body and the human eye without any damage. Its scanning time is less than 3min, a key operation can complete the overall measurement, simple operation, and STL, OBJ variety of output formats, and can docking UG, Geomagic, Imageware, meshlab, maya and other software seamless. It also can be used in 3D education, cultural relics protection, reverse engineering, industrial design and other fields.

In the forefront of the layout, high-end lead, government-driven, market forces under the combined effect of Beijing Zhongguancun Zhicheng Avenue came into being, the company will actively use the Zhongguancun Zhicheng Avenue provides innovative business resources platform for the company's future product innovation Development into a steady stream of new kinetic energy.

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