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In the dental field, our company has a unique and complete dental solutions, from 3D scanning to model design to 3D printing process solutions to help you open a new era of digital dental.

Our company has cooperation with the dental technicians, dental hospital in-depth, and the internationally renowned dental design software company, 3D printer manufacturers joint, and continuously enhance the digital technology in the dental industry. We combine the actual situation of enterprises, to provide effective digital dental solutions for enterprises to help companies ensure that denture production to improve the quality and accuracy, shorten the production cycle and enhance the production capacity of denture production. Our products include dental 3D scanners, fixed denture restoration design software, active denture design software, planting guide design software, as well as 3D printing equipment and materials.

The 3D dental model can be obtained by using the FaceGo series face scanners. The dental model data can be repaired and orthopedized by the software of the 3D scanner. Then the processed tooth model data can be input into the NC machining equipment or rapid prototyping Device, the denture or dentures produced.

Doctors or technicians according to the actual needs of patients with dentures for fine processing, you can wear, such repair and orthopedic process, in addition to shortening the treatment cycle to help patients get an early rehabilitation, but also improve the accuracy of denture manufacturing, so that patients wear more comfortable.