Face Model

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Chishine 3D provides a unique and complete medical solutions, with the use of the world`s leading facial three-dimensional scanning technology and cosmetic surgery simulation system, we can effect simulate plastic surgery, help medical cosmetic plastic surgery institutions in the three-dimensional environment, open digital new era of plastic surgery.

Our cosmetic plastic surgery hospital three-dimensional plastic scanning and shaping program to provide an accurate, intuitive platform based on three-dimensional environment between doctors and patients. Patients can not only express their wishes, but also can participate in their own design process, so that more personalized plastic. At the same time, doctors in the digital three-dimensional model under the guidance of accurate surgical plastic surgery and design, to avoid the risk. In the current plastic surgery technology continues to improve the environment, three-dimensional plastic scanning represents the most perfect plastic surgery - security, personalization, precision, will become the future direction of plastic development.

FaceGo 3D face scanner is used to acquire the 3D data of face model, and the facial model data can be repaired by using the matching reverse design software of 3D scanner. Then, the face model will be displayed to the patient. The patients can determine the model to determine the medical plastic surgery program and the implementation of surgery.

Our company`s cosmetic solution has advantages of speed, high precision, convenient and fast and so on. FaceGo face scanner can obtain the 3D data of craniofacial model, matching the cosmetic plastic simulation system, can simulate the operation effect, and greatly improve the success rate of surgery and patient satisfaction.