Personalized customization

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For consumers, the customize of any product is a very pleasant life experience. In this world, everyone should have their own fashion password, and standardization and large-scale products are not perfect self-expression, "customize " wave came into being.

Customized glasses, customized helmets, custom wearable equipment ... ... can be more and more customized products, followed by the acceleration of product design changes, and product manufacturing output decline, that is, multi-species, small quantities and gradually become the norm of new products. Who can adapt to this trend as soon as possible, he will be able to get more profits in the market.

Chishine 3D can provide integrated personalized custom service solutions, product manufacturers use our technology of three-dimensional scanning, we complete the specific content of product design according to demand and accurate model data, and then produce the product will be delivered to the customer. This approach is not only flexible and efficient, but also can meet customer needs perfectly, and low input costs, it is the emerging personalized custom application.

Our customization solution can provide three-dimensional scanning technical support to meet the different parameters, meet different types of product model design technical support and 3D printing technology support of different materials, and also participate in the whole process of software solution, to help individual customization program needs to provide enterprises from the front of the demand reception, design to the back-end processing and manufacturing of the whole industry chain 3D hardware and software equipment supply and other services.