Animation Prototype Design

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3D scanning technology plays an important role in the design and creation of three-dimensional virtual objects such as characters, scenes and props in the film and television animation production, and improves the efficiency and quality of the virtual objects. In the film and television, to an object on the computer for three-dimensional animation special effects, we must first obtain its three-dimensional digital model. This is only two channels, one in the computer starting from the construction of a little line, the second is trying to get the three-dimensional model of the object after the reverse design. In many cases, some real, complex objects, such as the human head, works of art, it is difficult to use the configuration software to produce its three-dimensional model.

Our photoelectric prototype design solution can successfully solve the above problems. The 3D face scanner, which is developed and developed by Chishine 3D, can quickly and easily scan the surface space, color and other information of the actors, props and models into the computer to form a three-dimensional model exactly the same as the real object. Universal three-dimensional animation editing software is fully compatible. With these digital models, you can use the computer three-dimensional animation software for them to further special effects processing, rotation, compression, stretching, distortion and other changes to complete cutting, tailoring, splicing, sports, and so on a variety of special effects processing, or into a specific scene, to achieve a variety of difficult special effects.

Our FaceGo series of face scanners use three-dimensional scanner to quickly get prototypes of three-dimensional animation data, we can change and design directly on the three-dimensional digital model according to the needs, to ensure a full range of animation prototype details can be reflected. Simplify the traditional animation prototype design process, save time, improve design efficiency. At the same time, the software can be used in any prototype of the three-dimensional digital model on the modified design, efficient animation creation and development.