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Chishine 3D`s 3D face scanner greatly promoted innovation and upgrading of the field like video detection, face recognition, video evidence and technical information. Our company has leading technology, and can tailored professional solutions for the security industry area. Chishine 3D provides the world`s leading security solutions, with high-speed scanning, precision modeling, prototype building, model matching process solutions, can help the security industry to open a new era of 3D digital.


Our FaceGo series face scanners adopt the structure light fast projection technology, and scan the human body multi-angle in 0.1 seconds. After the system is automatically stitched, the 3D data of human body with color texture can be obtained. The precision of 3D data is 0.5mm, and the photo has color real texture. It can effectively assist in the security industry to use three-dimensional object recognition on focus object, face recognition of the numerical models and numerous scenarios were compared in order to determine the exact identity of the object. as security, criminal investigation, physical evidence and identification, and many other fields, providing The world`s leading technology, equipment and solutions. Our company provides the world`s leading technology, equipment and solutions for security, criminal investigation, physical evidence, and identification.

The security solutions introduced by Chishine 3D are more accurate and faster than traditional solutions. It can solve the low image quality or more complex situation. It can obtain the 3D information of human face with high speed and quickly confirm the object identity, which greatly improves the recognition precision and modeling efficiency of security industry.