3D Laser Carving

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The rapid development of today`s society of 3D technology has changed people`s perspective on the objects, 3D can make creative products more concrete, real, there are interactive. Development of 3D engraving optical technology allows 3D fast imaging becomes possible, and nurture the growing 3D consumer market products.

Crystal laser is a technology that the laser machine sends a certain wavelength of laser into the glass or crystal internal, so that the specific parts of the internal parts of the formation of micro-bubble burst, which will be flat or three-dimensional pattern of "carving" in the internal crystal or glass, it also refers to handicrafts making by this process.

With the leading 3D face imaging technology, Chishine 3D Tech. is able to form three-dimensional models quickly and accurately. Compared with traditional modeling, the efficiency of modeling is greatly improved and the cost of equipment purchase is greatly reduced in Chishine 3D. Our 3D face imaging technology with the mature creative software and 3D laser Carving technology, will greatly facilitate the innovation, design and production professionals working, and become an indispensable high-tech weapon of 3D creative field.