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Using ScanKing series of desktop 3D scanner can quickly access three-dimensional data of the dental model, using three-dimensional scanner software on the dental model data to realize appropriate repair, orthopedic and other treatment, and then processed tooth model data input CNC machining equipment or fast Forming equipment, the denture or dentures produced.

Doctors and technicians do some fine processing of dentures , in accordance with the actual needs of patients .then you can wear, such repair and orthopedic process, in addition to shortening the treatment cycle to help patients get an early rehabilitation, but also improve the accuracy of denture manufacturing, allowing patients to wear more comfortable.

The ScanKing series of desktop 3D scanner in this solution has high measurement accuracy, speed, high stability, and it is extremely convenient to use, and carry. The excellent performance of the product is that it can measure complex objects with sharp changes in shape, as well as spherical, cylindrical and other non-characteristic objects, the scope of application is more extensive, there is no equivalent performance products at home and abroad, belonging to the international leading technology products, the solution has been used by a number of domestic dental hospitals and dental clinics.