E-commerce 3D Display

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3D display technology to break the limitations of traditional graphic display, and consumer interaction, so that consumers experience the product immersive. Currently used in the scope of electricity providers, including: luggage, shoes, toys, electronic products, jewelry cosmetics, furniture, clothing and other products online virtual display.

3D virtual display, which means the arrival of a new era of e-commerce, greatly advancing the rapid development of e-commerce. I believe in the near future, not just in the field of e-commerce, 3D display technology applications will become more extensive.

The modeling tools used in the prior art methods include photographic profiling, camera array, mobile phone modeling and so on, each of which has its inherent shortcomings, and the product of Chishine 3D can perfectly solve the problem at application level.

Our ScanKing series desktop 3D scanners, at cost and efficiency of both ways to achieve full automatic scanning, intelligent one-button splicing, without manual intervention, and is the world`s first scanner with white, dual-mode laser scanning. It can directly scan black, metal, high-reflective objects, simple operation, cost control, suitable for large-scale application of this need to promote the application examples.