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The three-dimensional digital museum has very important significance objects to improve the protection of cultural relics, research, exhibition and rational use of play to the social function of cultural relics. As the cultural relics of the real and non-renewable and other characteristics, those who easily damaged artifacts, should be minimized extraction and touch.

3D scanning technology can accurately and effectively record the real information of cultural relics in a non-contact, non-destructive and omnidirectional digital way, and can be displayed in a vivid and interactive way in the field of virtual reality, which has important practical significance on sharing of resources, expanding the display space, showing a long history and cultural resources.

Cultural relics protection and restoration

Chishine 3D use its ScanKing Series Desktop 3D scanner careful scan the cultural relics, through modeling and repair staff can restore the relics into the most authentic way. We can apply curvature, equidistance and other instructions on the damaged artifacts to achieve stitching restoration and simulation repair, eliminating the need for the process of repeated comparison of the steps to avoid secondary damage to cultural relics. It can found that vulnerable parts based on data, to help develop a protection program.

VR / AR Virtual Tour (Digital Museum):

Virtual reality technology can create a virtual environment through the computer, through the visual, auditory, tactile and other effects, so that visitors have the same feeling and reality. Chishine 3D use self-developed ScanKing series of desktop 3D scanner can all-round scan cultural relics to get the most realistic three-dimensional data, and cooperation with stakeholders to build a network virtual museum for the visitors to restore a real three-dimensional scene. It can be more vivid, more attractive, more curious, but also allows visitors to see a lot of different places of the collection.

This program uses the ScanKing series of desktop 3D scanner. It`s measurement accuracy, speed, and stability are high and extremely convenient. The excellent performance of this product is that it can measure complex objects with sharp shape changes, as well as spherical, cylindrical and other non-characteristic objects, the scope of application is more extensive. There are no equivalent performance products at home and abroad, it`s the international leading technology product.