3D model sharing

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The ScanKing series of desktop scanners and its data cloud platform are designed to provide a community communication platform for 3D technology developers and enthusiasts. The platform mainly stores 3D models uploaded by different users from all over the world, and can realize the 3D content sharing and discovery online. Our company aim to create a largest 3D models and data sharing exchange cloud platform in the field of 3D.

Using the desk 3D scanner, which is developed by Chishine 3D, assistant with related software the scanned data model supports one-click uploading to the cloud platform. With the 3D scanning, the user can get the 3D data from the scanner through the software, sharing it directly through network and social software. Users can also choose from the cloud platform 3D model library to view the platform of the outstanding examples of three-dimensional model.

Xi`an Chishine 3D Technology Co., Ltd. development of the Desktop 3D scanner greatly enhance the user experience and improve the user-friendly software interface, and support uploading data to cloud platform with a press of the key, which facilitate users to share directly on the Internet scanning And the edited 3D model.