3D education

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Print cars, print bones, print houses ... The magical application of this technology is often found in newspaper networks. 3D technology will realize the organic integration of virtual world and the physical world, “3D printer going to the campus” will enable students to innovate and improve their hands-on practical ability,Turning the student`s creativity, imagination into reality, which will greatly develop students hands and brain ability, so as to achieve the transformation of school training.

January 2014, "3D printing innovative education planting" program is approved by the State Council and relevant ministries, planning to cultivate 100,000 young people in the country 3D printing innovation as seeds. In order to promote the popularity of 3D printing in the school, build 3D printing teaching innovation base, set up 3D printing interest classroom, and train students innovation ability. In Nanjing, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Xi`an, Beijing, Kunming and other cities, methods have been adopted that the government  purchase 3D printers for school in order to support to build 3D print classroom the school. Everything in the show: 3D technology into the campus is the trend. A storm about 3D printing technology, 3D scanning technology and the popularity of 3D software technology has begun.

The current 3D education implementation plan of the Chishine 3D has given individual response and satisfaction to the different educational needs of different educational institutions, such as higher education, general education and pre-school education. The future will promote 3D digitalization from industry to occupation Education, technical training, a full range of applications.